Friday, November 12, 2010

thursday a.k.a oishi ramen

lazy to update yesterday.. 
so delayed it.. 
and update today~

say HI to everyone~!! 
thursday having morning until afternoon class.. 
morning is financial management class.. 
which is ~
the deadline of passing up ASSignment~!
rush and finish it on wednesday night.. 
all is copy paste..
hurmm.. we're late to get into class for almost one hour
because we went to print those assignment~
after printing others is going to class.. 
but me and bearbear~ 
we went to lobby.. 
she accompany me to go take the commission from segi.. 
so unlucky that the lift is down during that time..
we need to go up by using stairs.. 
guess which floor we're going??
1st?? no~! 
2nd?? no~!
5th?? no~!
the answer is 7th floor~!!!
omg.. is so tiring~!
after climb until 7th floor.. 
straight away went to account department and take money..
but what the girl told me?!
she said : you need to know all your friends name only you can get the money~
i was like : WTH~!!! i don't know their name~!! 
because apart of it is tuition teacher student.. 
then i tell her.. what do you need me to know their name??
you got the record~!
i'm not lying..!!
nevermind.. went down there and find my counselor.. 
he was on leave that day!
another counselor which is my counselor bestie.. 
he help me to find the data.. 
and give me a student copy to take the money.. 
*p/s : everytime i'm in trouble need to find my counselor.. 
he was not there.. =.=''
after get the student copy.. 
WENT to 7th floor again by stairs~!!!!!!
finally i got my money.. 
thank god.. ~!

went to class.. 
and pass up the assignment..
you know what the lecturer did??
he mark it on the spot~!
everyone is so nervous when he is marking.. 

after that class end.. 
went to lunch at Oishi Ramen.. 
which is located near by our college.. 
the food is not bad.. 
quite okay..

the design of the restaurant

wenny a.k.a mon-key and slim food.. 
* i forgotten what is the name of this food.. LOL

me and xx food~ 
fried rice with gauzi and chicken.. oh yea~ with miso soup and watermelon too.. 

WC food.. 
his food is the one that look very yummy huh?? 

after half an hour.. here is it~
left plate only.. all the food is inside our lovely stomach~ hahahaha

after finish the food.. 
went back to college and waiting for french class.. 
during french class..
i don't know why everyone is so sleepy include me..
maybe is we ate too full.. -.-'' 

went to TS to buy huikuan birthday cake.. 
we going to celebrate her birthday today.. (which is friday)
buy a lemon cheese cake from bread history.. 

here is the cake that i captured.. *hahaha*

home sweet home after bought the cake~!! 


at the night going out with my old friends.. 
didn't see each other for a long time.. 
she changed a lot.. 
she look more prettier and mature.. 
she kinda like my sister.. 
i used to call her sister.. 
even thou we didn't meet each other for quite some time..
but we still keep contact..
she will sms me whenever she is free.. 
we chat all the time.. 
i knew her since i was 12 years old.. if i'm not mistaken.. 
that time~
she just reached Malaysia..
she is from Thailand.. 
we communicate using thailand that time.. 
because she couldn't speak chinese well..
but now~!
she speak fluent chinese.. 
wow.. time could change anything.. *hhahaha*
yamcha with her for awhile..
then went to my house to have a sit..
gossip-ing, chit-chatting and CAMwhored..

let's the picture do the talking between me and her.. xD

taadaa~ she is xiaokuan a.k.a xkuan~

there are much more picture to go..
but i'm lazy to upload all over here.. 
i might upload it at facebook ya~ 

that's all for today..
is time to get ready for tonight huikuan birthday celebration ya~!!
happy birthday to hui kuan~!!
may all your dream come true~ 
enjoy your celebration.. 

will update for huikuan celebration ya~
stay tuned~!!! 


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