Friday, September 23, 2011


good morning people! been to a 5 days 4 night trip last week~
from KL - Johor - Pontian - City Square - Singapore - KL !
take bus from KL on monday 12/09 at Bandar Tasik Selatan to Johor Larkin , but half way to reach Larkin bus station our friends asked us to stop at Skudai and she will pick us up from there!
waited at Skudai for almost one hour.. and finally she reached!
bring us to lunch at some food court and went to City Square after that.. oh yea, i think the food there was not really good because after ate it i feel stomachache.. T_T
after window shopping at City Square for almost half day, went to the place we parked the car and walk awhile night market there. Go home after night market? NO! we went to Danga Bay after buying our food a.k.a dinner.
Danga Bay, a very nice place that located beside the sea.. monday is lantern festival day, Danga Bay a lot of people playing tanglung!
after finished our dinner there, walk around and take picture!

picture time~

city square decorated with mini tanglung~

Danga Bay - we rent this family bicycle and ride it all over the Danga Bay with shouting to every family " HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL " *crazy us*
due to we ride it with full of laughter and happy. We helped this bicycle rental promote! everyone saw us after that they also went to rent a bicycle.. LOL! thank you to us.. but still the people didn't give us any discount. =(

taadaa! everyone of us on the bicycle! =D

we played at this public telephone at City Square for around 15 minutes!

after Danga Bay - home sweet home! back to shuying house~

The Next Day

wake up , bath , get ready and went out for breakfast at Heng Heng. which is famous with Wan Tan Mee!
wan tan mee there is different from KL because their sauce is using tomato sauce instead of black sauce..
the price was kinda same as KL but the food potion is bigger with a lot of wantan.. full full~!

i ordered the small one..

after breakfast, started our journey to Pulau Kukup!
actually there's nothing so special, just that something like forest thingy.. kinda bored and hot inside there..
but still i took tons-of-picture over there.. huimin and shuying is so concentrate listen to the aunty talking about those tree and all that while i'm just taking photo behind them.. hahhahahahaha!
the aunty was introducing us those tree and so colorful crab.. but she repeated the same thing for few times..
i feel sleepy when listening to her.. she like to pull me to take those mini crab picture with my xperia x8 that cannot zoom in.. LOL!

here is the place.. we have to take boat to reach here!

3 of us manage to finish 600m go and 600 back = 1.2 km! WALKING~!! the weather that day is so freaking HOT!

the bridge!

can you see the big SUN? =(

the plants..

after come back from this forest a.k.a pulau kukup went to have our lunch at some seafood store nearby!

the food that we ordered.. crab , prawn , cuttlefish ..

after lunch we back to somewhere nearby the seaside too~~~

full of stone~~
sitting there and taking picture for 2 hours? LOL!
the weather is just nice.. no sunny no rainy..
go home to take a bath before went to dinner.. after dinner back home and help shuying cousin to do her homework.. finished~ SLEEP!

the next day went to breakfast with shuying parent at Bak Kut Teh shop~
after that, huimin and shuying back KL.. i take bus go to Larkin bus station and take taxi to City Square wait for babe Shanny! after she come~ went for movie Nasi Lemak 2.0.. i watched twice for this movie.. LOL!

after movie walk around for awhile and go SINGAPORE!!!!!
bus - MRT~ reached shanny's room~ put my luggage and out for movie with her and her sister and friends~
Crazy Stupid Love - kinda funny for this movie.. not that bad thou.. but Malaysia doesn't air this movie..
after movie walk around orchant road~ take some picture!

movie ticket!

me and my babe shanny!

the sweet couple! shanny and roger! realize something? they both are wearing couple color with couple shoes!


after that back to shanny's room~ bath~ online~ sleep! X)
next day!!
UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE~!!! here i come~~~~~~ *happy*

taadaa~!! is awesome! how much for the ticket price? i not really so sure about this because roger pay it through credit card and with voucher.. so we kinda get cheaper price ticket~ *thank you ROGER* xD

play play play play play!! due to is not weekends, is not that much people there~ no need to Q for so long..

i don't know what's this ducky call.. lol~ but its so cute.. =3

posing posing~ ^^

thinker - with my shanny babe!

same pose!!

btw, its very hot when taking this picture~ lol..

oppss.. sorry! i'm wrong posing.. hahahahahahaha! btw, the cameraman kinda failed! he didn't inform me i'm on the wrong way.. =.=

me with the MERLION~~ ROARRRRRR~ *thanks to babe shanny tell me that its MERlion.. xD

roller coaster ......

realize? they're in the same color again~ couple red t-shirt, black pants, couple shoes and red color phone cover! =D

me with shanny babe!

me with roger *shanny said this pic Roger look AN DAO*

with their friends - jiafa

purple lollipop~ =3

went to movie BLITZ after playing and dinner..
i'm so sorry to say that.. i sleep almost the whole movie due to i'm so tired.. T_T
finished movie , wanna go home with taxi but...... there's no taxi at all.. walk here and there to find for taxi~ still FAILED.. took MRT to some place and take taxi back homeeeee!

back KL day~! buy bus ticket at 430pm.. went to Bugis Street to walk walk and buy something~
babe treated me drink Koi's Cafe milk tea.. yummy yummy!
i finished it while i'm on my way come back to KL!

waiting for our drinks.. you need to queue up to order and wait for your number to collect the drinks..

my babe and me!

thanks everyone for everything! i really enjoyed my 5days4night trip!
thank you for bringing me here and there~! and i seriously miss you SHANNY babe!
thanks shinteng and guaiwuu pick me up at the bus station.. LOL!

my next trip to singapore you all promised to bring me here.. OKAY?
haahahahahhahaha.. planning for the next trip to SG~ ^^

thank you! buhbye~!!!!!!!!!!

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