Thursday, September 8, 2011


evening ? night ? what-so-ever! 
just wanna say HI to you all and update recent news.. 
i'm so freaking lazy nowadays.. i don't know why too.. don't feel like working but need money.. 
working ? lazy.. 
study ? can't handle assignment 
stay at home ? no income
owh my god! suffer suffer and suffer
parent started to nag about my lazy life! 
don't said bad thing.. go to the fun part !! 


actually not really fun thou.. just wanna update some post don't want my blog to be so dead.. 
monday 05/09/2011 

on that day is guai wuu birthday so HAPPY-BIRTHDAY to him.. and wish him all the best! 
other than that, go to yamcha with my dear shinteng! 
at where? kuchai lama moon house dessert~ guess what?! both of us are FAMOUS with road blind which is don't know road! We went there with a superb GPS that can lead us to the right way without lost~ 
what brand of GPS? hahahahaha.. the GPS is only special for me! which is..... my super duper lovely NYAMUK! hahahaha.. she tell us the way in -very-details-form.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
since we got a superb GPS me and shinteng go and back very safety! *thank you thank you nyamuk* 

some picture that i took

the outside of moon house dessert 

inside inside

me with my dessert - tong yuen with mak zuk *p/s the pearl i added myself

dear shinteng with her ------ something like snowflake i don't know the name.. LOL

me with the caramel pudding 

after finished dessert went back to pandan indah area and go to dear house! go there to say HELLO with uncle and aunty~ haahahaha.. *i'm so good girl* 
actually is go there to wait dear took her dinner and date lingling for yamcha at the night at black and white! 
black and white time!

me and lingling 

lingling and shinteng

me and shinteng

--home sweet home--

wednesday 07/09/2011 --- shopping with mummy! 

thursday 08/09/2011

wake up in the early morning.. *yawning* 
get up from my lovely bed and bath bath.. after ready everything off to college.. 
feel weird? long time didn't saw my post with college? actually i already finished study but haven't graduate yet.. rarely will go college nowadays.. today go there just to meet up my mon-key and adery.. 
they're having revision at there.. so~ i'm the one who disturb them to study *i'm so bad* 
chit chatting with them awhile and around two something go train station and back to my area~
because i dated huimin, huiling, and sermin yamcha at three.. 
took taxi to there from train station, wait wait and wait them to come.. 
everyone is late! the most late is huiling~!! LOL.. 
oh yea.. sermin come with her lovely boyfiee too which is manson a.k.a my jie fuu~! lol

 chat - laugh - funny - enjoy ! 

people study i ask her to take picture with me! mon-key and me

me and adery *ignore his cacat face* lol

me and my beloved lovely jie ! sermin a.k.a rainy 

me and manson a.k.a jie fu

me and huiling

the girlsssss~! special thanks to the not-so-pro photographer manson a.k.a jie fuu

the sweet sweet eh~~ my lovely jie and jie fuu~!! 

that's all for today! buhbye!! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

oh yea! i will be going to Johor this sunday and will visit to Singapore too~!
wait me come back from there only update ya! 

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