Thursday, September 29, 2011

smurf day

say HELLO to my reader!
good afternoon to you all.. *yawning*
i'm still in the sleepy mode..

back to the topic!
yesterday went out with my college mates.. which is mon-key a.k.a wenny and adery~
three of us, planned for bowling , sing k and movie.. but due to lack of time our bowling plan cancelled and changed to lunch at sushi king.. LOL
actually is the sushi king fault! open so late~~ make our plan couldn't go on well..
after lunch head to Law Yat Plaza to sing k at red box.. i hate the staff there! arghhhh....!!
from 1pm to 5pm
sing , shout , play in the room for few hours.. LOL!
and we found out that mon-key is so into new song.. got quite some song she ticked and we don't know how to sing.. LOL!! from english , cantonese and mandarin..
maybe next could be korean song.. hahahahahahaha!!

some picture of the day!

me and mon-key!
by the way, i got my new cap from online shop.. *fuck the paparazzi*

me and adery

singing~ singing~ singing~

3 of us!

take two!


after sing k.. we headed to movie!!
The Smurf~ at times square 530pm..
what a cute movie.. although the movie release for quite some time already.. but i just watched..
i'm too late! late is better than i missed it! xD hahahahaha..
thanks for the accompany for movie!!

lalalalalalala~ sing a happy song~
lalalalalalala~ smurf the whole day long~ 

like it to the maxxxxx!!
funny , cute , touching all inside that movie..

smurfffffff!! Oh My Smurf! *hahahahahahaha*

cute isn't ?

thanks for the outing yesterday.. seriously enjoyed my time with you all!
you guys made my day~
lalalalalala~ sing a happy song!! hahahahahaha..

smurf you smurf you!!

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