Thursday, November 24, 2011

23 / 11 / 2011

moody recently :(
the first time ever got so moody and emo
i hate it
i lost my smile
i couldn't be happy
what happened to me?
too stressful?
everyone said that i'm lucky that no need to work just staying at home
don't you know staying at home also stressful?
sound so funny
its real

shinteng said when i'm emo it quite scary
i can be emo in a very fast time
she bring me to everywhere that i wanted to go
i love her and my babe shanny
they both sayang me so much

even those not-always-get-to-see friends also
i love them
nyamuk , mon-key
they both really care of me
nyamuk was so pro!
she can sense out when i'm moody
and come and talk to me
advise me
comfort me
sharing her story to me
is it she put cctv around me?
but seriously thanks to them
everyone that cared me


yesterday was a fully scheduled day

from morning - home - Serdang - Sepang Gold Coast - Port Dickson - The Mines - home - Viva - In house - HOME SWEET HOME

tired but enjoy

went to beach to walk walk
shout out loud although people looking at us

night time movie with guai wuu
You Are The Apple Of My Eyes for second time
nice movie
miss school life
no stress no emo
we talked about the pass , what we did inside the classroom
i laughed .. :)
thank to him bring me to movie and treat me also.. lol
who ask he's my atuk a.k.a grandpa / guai wuu
after movie yamcha
meet up the twins brother -- hong , choon
chat awhile
2am - back home
sleepless night..
rolling at the bed :(

hopefully everything gonna be fine

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