Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twins 21st Birthday Celebration

expired post.. hahahaha..
that day was the TWINS 21st birthday celebration at Black and White Cafe , Pandan Indah
they told me start at 10pm.. but EVERYONE IS LATE.. the party actually start at 11pm.. -.-ll
luckily didn't went there earlier else gonna wait and rot there..
girls - me , shinteng , elaine and huikuan invited
and of course some others too..
especially rainy~ *evil laugh*

stop wasting time
back to the topic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them~
the twins brother
WaiHong and WaiChoon
may both of them stay handsome and all the best

oh yea, only few girls going.. half of them are guy
and another half of them is we don't know who is them.. -.-''
never mind, as long as the birthday boy happy.. hahahahaha

picture time!
let you see either you can differentiate both of them or not

the twins brother
do they look alike? hahahahahaha..

okay.. internet working slow , then? i'm not going to continue upload.. xD
*smack head* lazy me! :(

p/s - photo will be uploaded to facebook!

ciao! =3

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