Saturday, November 5, 2011

this picture took on last sunday.. with my dear shinteng and huikuan~
went to lunch together at black and white 
and plan where to go after that..
guess what?! we meet some long lost friends while eating at black and white.. 
no matter how close before this.. NOW we saw each other just to say HI and BYE 
time really can bring everything down.. 
before we use to be together with a brunch of friends to chilling or gossip 
but now.. 
we meet at cafe just like saying HI and BYE
we are close before this 
before we graduate from secondary school
before we face the reality
before we changed
i don't know either is you all or me.. 
currently we are not like before 
not close like before
not talk like before
somehow i still treat you all as my brother as my friends!
just sometimes kinda disappointed what you did.. 
you won't call us if you don't need help
we called you to come out gathering you got tons of reason to reject us.. 
as my friends said 
they don't appreciate you 
let it be 
because the others that treasure you is always there.. =) 
i appreciate the one who really cares.. 
not the one who only got matter will find you.. 
chill chill chill!!
i'm not saying you.. 
please don't into it.. i didn't mention any of you! =D

back to my topic.. 
life was still going on with -doing - nothing - at - home
lifeless life.. i know it.. 
after my conve on next saturday i think everything will started to change!
but before that i got some november babiessss friendss.. 
the picture above both of them also november baby!! 
shinteng , huikuan , elaine also november baby! wow~~~~~ O_O 
and of course for all november baby too~ ^^ 

gonna celebrate their birthday ~ wheeee!! 
being quite busy these few days.. lol
busy what? 
to college 
to movie 
to lunch 
to dinner 
to meet up my babes 
to convo 
to celebrate their birthday 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! that's life! 

my convo will be on next saturday 12 November 2011 and the most sad case is 
i will be going to there alone.. no one watch me graduate.. T___T 
due to my parents can't make it 
my friends are too busy 
so i'm alone.. T___T 
*cry cry cry* 
never mind! at least i got some college mates graduate with me too.. 


good night people!! 

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