Monday, December 26, 2011

2612 2011

yey!! merry belated christmas.. lol 
where did you celebrate your christmas and christmas eve? 
as for mine...... 
i stay at home for the both day.. lol!!
damn yam gong~ 
never mind.. still enjoying while stay at home.. =.= 

oh yea, last few days went to times square with my dear shinteng 
and walked walked walked.. 
didn't get anything.. >''< but i got hurt.. 
both side of my leg.. *pain* 
because of the shoes.. T_________T
until now still pain~ haihz.. 

i got my korea souvenir from shinteng!! 
hiak hiak.. big thank you to her~
love it alotssss.. 
and thanks to her sister and mummy too.. =) 

-- expired post --

i went to find bear bear a.k.a vivian at One Utama last monday 19-12-2011 
for what? collect my christmas present from her.. hahahahaha!! 
and of course to meet her up.. 
but too bad too bad.. 
while on the way to there.. i been cheated by the stupid taxi driver! 
what the hell ! stupid taxi driver !! 
from kelana jaya train station to One Utama charged RM20 
and the worst thing is.. my pocket only got RM 25 !! shit him !!
charged me so freaking expensive but dump me at roadside.. !@#*&^%$#!$%^&* !! 
nagged to bear bear.. and then went to shop awhile 
take our brunch there.. McDonald! 
walk walk shop shop around until around 6pm.. 
bear bear's dad come and pick her up and then fetch me to the train station.. 
thank you uncle and aunty !! :D 
home sweet home after that.. 
tired but enjoy!! 

merry christmas and happy new year to everyone!! 
happy 2012 
everything will be fine.. :) 


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