Saturday, December 3, 2011

LingLing Birthday Celebration ♥

time flies~ 
december now.. i still feel that i just came back from Langkawi not so long ago.. lol
can't accept the truth that now is December
gonna face the real hard thing of my life.. 
have to think properly 
should i or shouldn't i ? 
let me enjoy the last month of 2011 
let me enjoy my day before i have to face it 
let me enjoy ! 

the next birthday celebration after the twins which is our beloved Elaine Leong! 
happy birthday to her!! 
her birthday on 30/11 celebrate it last night which is 2/12 
with some of the friends 
shinteng , me , lingling , wong wong , yang yang , how.. 
korea bbq at jalan ampang there 
we reach there 945pm like that and the shop is going to close at 1030pm.. =.= 
everyone eat eat eat and became very-the-smelly.. LOL! 
no joke.. everyone smell like the bbq.. errrrr.. and both of my pretty wear dress!! 
very un-convenient sitting there.. luckily i'm wearing long jeans~ :D 
cake also don't have enough time to cut there
here go second round .. -.-
the beer factory at Old Klang Road 
alot of people there , wait for the place , wait to order and so on........ 
ordered 3 towel of Heineken 
play play chat chat drink drink ~ cut cake cut cake 
 ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELAINE LEONG ♥ ~ a.k.a ki ling ko long~ 
they gave her a very special present ! BRA.. xD
after that shinteng's boyfie join us for the drink 
he help alot~ hahahahahahaha.. 
2am + ciao~ 
but shinteng and the boyfie go back themselves 
me, elaine , wong wong and yang yang one car 
and how one car~
too bad......
while on the way back got road block 
and everyone of us drink before so so so so so so 
stop at food court to chill awhile 
and lastly went back 
reach home at 330am.. -.-ll 

picha picha time! 

the korea BBQ~ 

the only group shot! -tomato face- *.* 
boyssss - how , yang yang , wong wong , gary 
girlssss - lingling , me , shinteng 

the beer factory

birthday girl - Elaine Leong

that's all for today~ 
more picture will be on facebook ~ 

buhbye people!! 

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