Saturday, December 31, 2011

my 2011

started to blog about what happened to me in 2011

the story about 2011 ,
not a good but isn't that bad year for me
my 2011 , passed with laughter , joyful , sad , cry , emo
- sweet , sour , bitter , spicy , tasteless -
time flies
today is the last day of 2011

what i have go through in year 2011 ?
a lot of thing..

- went to Langkawi for college Internship Training for three months.
- got car accident while in Langkawi , luckily i'm okay and nothing bad really happened.. *thank god*
- know a lots of friends
- learn a lot of things
- didn't get to celebrate my CNY because i'm in Langkawi and have to work on that day too..
- my very first time went to club in Langkawi , Sheraton - Chime
- get drunk in the club.. LOL
- after car accident , few months later got into motorcycle accident.. still thank god that nothing bad happened
- learn to drink while at Langkawi .. hahahahahaha!!
- went to Johor trip with my friends - huimin and shuying.. thanks for invited !
- off to Singapore for my very first time , to travel and "see" how does Singapore look like.. LOL
- taking bus come back alone from Singapore.. *nervous* 
- overnight at dear Shinteng's house
- off to Singapore for second time with my dear Shinteng..
- surprising Shanny.. :)
- finally graduate from SEGi college
- stay at home doing nothing for 8 - 9 months
- off to beach with dear Shinteng while i'm emo
- arguing with "her"
- feel so sorry to them , i make both friends become stranger
- very first time get to be so emo
- work for SEGi education fair for two days.. LOL
- lost best friends
- misunderstand with friends
- back home late.. x_X
- cut a BOY hair and become more boyish *.*
- bye to my TEEN life and welcome TY life
- celebrate birthday , received present and thanks to awesome friends Sooksin and the gang that make me a video with all of my friends wishes there
- watch and watch the same movie for few times in the cinema.. hahahahahha!!
- welcoming my little cousin Claire to this world
- gaining weight but not growing height -,-ll hate this..
- changing to be girly .. lol
- failed one subject on the last semester .. T___T
- be with a gang of my bestiesssss
- sing k , steamboat , bowling , supper !! :D
- go to somewhere else that we don't know road .. *big clapssss cause we didn't lostttttt*
- having some problem with my parent..
- been pampered with my lovely friends , they stand by my side , support , advice and comfort me

hurmm.. anything i forget? lol..
seriously 2011 a lots of thing happen , i don't think i can wrote it out everything
because i got short - term memory lost.. hahahaha
easily forget thing.. but remember the old things.. -,-ll
have to say a big thank you to everyone that helped , taking care , sayang me

the most problem that can make me being emo is friends and family
as some of my friends said : don't bother those who don't care you
but sometimes its just too hard to let it go
i tried but failed
everything can change ! people , attitude and so on
nothing is impossible , nothing is forever
learned not believe people easily , because they might back stab you !
friendship is not about whom you have know the longest .. it's about who came and never left your side !!
appreciated those who never left me =3
people come into my life , walk around but only the real friends will left their footprints in my heart

no matter what happened , family / house is the place that i can hide inside and get protected
protected with full of love , scared me got hurt from outside
advise me and teach me a lot
i love my family
but sometimes will got a bit of arguing or problem too
no matter what problem , they are still my family
pampered me , love me , sayang me
its just like people said family / house is always the place that you can hide
- 家里是我们永远的避风港 -
friends i can choose but family i can't
i'm thankful to mummy that bring me to this world
grow me up , i'm growing but you're aging .. =(
be with me as long as you can !!
i love you papa and mama

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and family 

happy 2012 ! 
~ a brand new year 
~ new life 
~ new environment 
~ new friends 
~ new challenge 
~ new new NEW !! 

hopefully everything go on smoothly in 2012 !!

good luck~

bye to 2011 and hello to 2012 

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