Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st July 2012

good evening bloggie !
is time to upppppppdate ~ hahahahhas
new work started for a week , doing what there? how's the life or environment there?
ermm.. everything so far so good. i'm still under training ~
the first day trainer on leave =.= so wait for the next day but actually the trainer quite busy. lol
everyday she got meeting and so on so on.
she train us about the product knowledge and system but just basic haven't go into it yet.
tomorrow which is monday will continue another training week !
hopefully is fun >_____<
cause the training actually quite boring..
sitting and listening.............. hurmm..
and first day work just sit with buddy
second day got chocolate from colleague~ :D
third day breakfast day ! go there earlier to have breakfast together with out team
fourth day training and discuss on friday
fifth day is theme day.. management have to wear back to school ! hahahahahah
for me? my theme is just simple ! which is CAP day ~
just wear my cap cap will do.

now it's July !
time flies........ i still remember my first job was at Genting on 19th March ~ and 25th June my second job started. hopefully is a better place for me to stay . i wish .
and pray hard that July is a better monthhhhhhh~

good luck to everyone !

that's all for today..
- xoxo -

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