Monday, July 23, 2012

life goes on

a day with my super lazy mode ON. woke up early in the morning , get ready , off to work ! 
hardworking and good girl 
life still going on with a very good day by day 
monday wait friday ~ HAHA ! 
getting weird and fussy customer called in to ask some "cute" question. lol 
challenging yea. be patient to handle them ! ROAR 
scold them after they hang off ~ hahaha that's my bad habit 

thank god . today is 23 July . means august is coming ! public holiday is coming ! 
let's rock the partyyyyyyyy august baby~ 
i'm of the august baby . love august muchie 

currently, every saturday or sunday also outting 
i'm so poor now 
lol. but still i enjoy it 
after working for five days . the saturday and sunday is big love 
rest and hang out with the kakis !
movie . shopping . sing k . 
the love entertainment of mine 

life goes on . 
cheers and smile no matter what would happen !
no one can beat you up . 
fight for future . 


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