Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bonjour mercredi

good evening peoples! 

bonjour mercredi ~ 

time flies......... i start my NEW work for quite some time already ~
answering call everyday everyday EVERYDAY !
repeat and repeat the same thing..
working life kinda acceptable ~ enjoy-ing due to still new there
everything still light ~ hahahha haven't reach the heavy part yet :(
working at the office but wearing like going to shopping lol!
no need to be formal ! heehaaa~ sandals will do !
everyone there is okok , so good and kind ~
some of them very cute too..

other than working ,
every saturday or sunday i'll be outing with the friendsssssssss~
sing k , movie , shopping , eatting !
okayyyy i admit that i'm gaining weight. lol
become fat and fatter.

working working working ~
money money money !!
please come to mummy ~ HAHAHA~
likey the wednesday , because it will be near to friday .
i wanna sleep like a dead pig during saturday
enjoy my day out like a boss on saturday too !

life is full of challenge ~
life go on ! everyone CHEERS ~
- appreciate , cherish , treasure -

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