Wednesday, October 6, 2010

06 ♥ 10 ♥ 2010

is time to say HI to everyone..
today is wednesday.. 
such a lazy day..
because i skip my replacement class today.. *still so proud to say.. -.-''
today is a replacement class of e-commerce.. 
is a super duper boring subject..
i don't even know what is that talking about..
nyamuk and rae told me that this lecturer won't give that much of "tips" for the exam..
OMG~! which means need to study all..
this sem is so tough..
everything is so hard..
nothing is easy..

tomorrow is having financial management and french class again..
tomorrow will be worst than other day~ i think..

normally only got one french class..
but tomorrow is having two french class..
which is continuous 4 hours for the class~
omg~! i think everyone will scream~!!! 
because lecturer is so so so so scary..
out of sudden she will call you to answer question..
you don't know how to answer??
then she will looking at you~
and say : learn it by hard~!! 
for people who never learn french before like us..
is hard~! 
we need time to digest it.. 
give us some time.. 
don't force us so much~! lol..
i think will get crazy one day..

hurmm.. that's all for today..
just a simple update.. 
will update soon for the classes..
guess what will i did tomorrow during class.. 
rainy day again.. 


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