Thursday, October 7, 2010


hellow people~!
is time update again..
i hope you won't get bored whenever reading my blog~
cause sometime i just update some random post or anything that happen around me..
as my last post said that today i going to have to two continuous french class..
been headache for 3 days..
feel like bang my head to the wall~!
it make me no appetite..
feel lazy..
don't want to do anything.. =(
how come it will like that??
even panadol doesn't work at all..
i take it last night before i sleep..
today morning when i waked up..
my head more ache then last night..
so i take medicine again..
then went to sleep..
conclusion is..
i skip my morning class.. -.-''
which is financial management.. 
but i going for the french class..
is so hard to pass the time when inside the class room..
time passed so slow..
everyone is waiting the time to have a break~ 
who's know..
during break half class of student is going back..
because some of it got working.. 
so just left little of us.. 
we're so hardworking.. lol~!!!!
after finish the class.. go home~!

i'm so moody today..
i went to PI maybank to bank-in money for someone..
queue there for half an hour..
after that come to my turn..
guess what?!
the machine show me a absolutely nice word 
which is~!
what the heck is it~!
queue for so long then OOS..!!!!
pissed off~
go another maybank which located at Tmn.M
once i reach there..
my dad told me that he is so so so hungry..
then i told him..
dad.. you go eat 1st..
he answered : i go eat but i won't come back and fetch you~
i was like....... *don't know how to describe.. 
never mind.. 
Tmn.M maybank actually almost the same with the PI maybank..
because of the security thingy..
i need to wait outside the bank for another half an hour~!!!!!!!!
moody~!!! pissed off~!!!!!
why don't the bank provide more cash deposit machine?!
after done all the transaction..

i'm hungry~!!
look left  look right..
only got KFC..
went there and order some food to take away..
luckily mum is so love me..
she called her friend to pick me up overthere.. 
she don't want me to get anything..
she say already night.. is dangerous.. 
mama call friend see whether they can fetch or not..
if cannot only think another way.. 
don't take cab go home.. =)

mum~!!!! I LOVE YOU~!  
although sometime i don't like you mumbling at me..
but still 
thanks for bring me to this world..
let me feel all the warm that you gave it to me..
thanks for worried me..
thanks for pamper me.. 
thanks for everything that you did to me.. 


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