Friday, October 15, 2010

14-10-2010 & 15-10-2010

evening everyone..
is time to update..
this post suppose to be yesterday post..
due to my laziness..
yesterday i didn't update it~ 
so today will be 2 in 1 post ~ ^^

yesterday which is thursday..
having financial and french class as usual..
financial is really too boring for me..
i keep on chit chatting with my friends..
and i didn't pay attention to the class..
i'm so sorry~!
everyone is waiting the class end..
because we going to KFC to have our brunch~!
bear bear give us some voucher..
which is..
5 pieces of chicken
2 zinger burger 
1 large coleslaw 
4 beverage~
it only cost RM 29.80~!

we got 3 voucher..
but we just use 2 out of 3~
if use 3 voucher i think everyone will be so full~!
after finish our meal..
went to living cabin that located beside KFC..
guess what??
after all of us go in there..
we started to camwhore~!!
we're too funny..
even the doll we also can play around~

let's the picture do the talking..

the bear bear~! is it cute?? 

slim a.k.a adery~
the "nah" post.. spot the bear bag and mr bean bear? hahahaha..

slim a.k.a adery
he say he wanna smile like the doll~ hahahahahaa

xx and the cow cow 1~ is it look alike?? 
hahahhaXD~ just joking~!

xx and the cow cow 2~ 


wenny a.k.a amelie..
she post with the big puppy~! 

wenny a.k.a amelie
with the cow cow.. 

bearbear a.k.a vivi~
how many bear there??
2??  NO~! 
is 3.. why??
because the people who hug the bear also is bearbear~!! xD

is wenny a.k.a amelie and xx~!
both of this girl with the "money come cat" 

for sure is me~!!!

after taking all those picture and shop around..
is time to go back to college and FIGHT with french class~!
after class back home..

at the night i'm doing something..
i'm so stupid~!
i accidently "割到" my finger..
OMG~! is so darn pain..

 see the picture above.. =(
is pain.. so next time better be careful.. 

that's all for 14-10-2010........


come to 15-10-2010

today is friday.. 
i'm having 10 o'clock class..
and i wake up at 8.30am..
to get ready~
because my dad couldn't sent me to train station..
i need to get ready early to go and take taxi..
today morning i consider myself was lucky..
because i just walk to the junction that nearby my home..
taxi is coming.. 

and i didn't late for the classes..
even more early than others..
normally this lecturer will be late..
arrive there..
chit chatting for awhile..
i started to feel hungry..
call bearbear to accompany me to go aunty there..
i like to eat aunty's mee a lot..
is delicious~!!
after finish it..
went back to the class room..
they started to present already..
but is okay..
cause is just the first person.. 
means we're not that late..
during others presentation~
me, bearbear, xx, and wenny..
is busy gossip-ing~!!
wenny's dad just came back from vacation..
she bring us some snack..

yummy~!! tao kae noi seaweed.. 
while listening people presentation we eating the seaweed..
finish all the presentation 
is time to go home~!!
kinda wasting my time and money went there just to listen to the presentation.. 
but no choice~!
have to go.. 

after back home.. 
after that.. 
continue my work.. 
and guess what?!!
i accidently "割到" my finger..

haihz.. last night is left hand..
and this evening is right hand..
why am i so careless?? x( 
pain of it~!!!
next time~! next time ~! i must be careful~!!!

and yeah~!
that's all for today~! 
thanks for reading.. 

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