Monday, October 18, 2010


sorry for didn't update~
last two day.. which is saturday and sunday..
i'm working.. 
as a promoter, at leisure mall..
promote what??
ermm.. something call seaweed jelly.. 
the taste is not bad..
quite nice~
during working time..
OMG~! time passes so slow..
from morning waiting time to break..
after break waiting time to end.. LOL~!
doesn't manage to sell that much..
due to the price is not that cheap.. 
not much people wanna buy after hear the price..
the 1st i manage to sell out around 6 packet and 1 bottle of jam..
the 2nd day i just can sell 5 packet.. 
my friend the 1 st day she can sell 4 packet.. 
and the 2nd day she sell out 3 packet and 1 bottle of jam..
is quite hard to sell out those product.. LOL~!

saw yvonne during working..
chit chatting to pass our time.. 
i'm so bad huh~!
people ask me work i go chit chatting..
but luckily the boss didn't come when i work.. 
work for two days also couldn't saw the boss..
no faith.. no faith~!
but yesterday after finish work..
we didn't go back yet..
we went to shop around..
then my friend say boss come just now.. 
i'm so lucky~!
no need to face the boss..

waiting for my salary~~~~
it out on next month.. 
hmmm~ need to wait so long only i can get the money.. 
hope everything will be fine..
both day also i work morning shift~!
so good..
i work from 10am - 6pm..
i'm so tired..
until today morning i off my alarm and continue sleep.. 
-.-'' OMG~! i skipped today class again..
i'm so sorry~!!!!

no picture for my working day..
because busy promote..
doesn't manage to take any picture.. 

that's all for today~! 

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