Sunday, October 10, 2010

♥ 10 ♥ 10 ♥ 10 ♥

hey people..
just wanna update some random post..
because today is a nice day~ lol
because is 10.10.10~
HAPPY 10 10 10 to everyone~! 
don't know how many year will got this one time..
nothing special for today..
just stay at home for the whole afternoon..

morning went to mamak with huimin as usual..
mamak is our place to yamcha every week.. lol~!
is every week~!! how much we addicted to the mamak huh??
actually not addicted~
is just the mamak is nearby my home and her house..
no need waste petrol to go far way yamcha..
so mamak is the best choice~! lol..
but i feel that the mamak that nearby home is kinda expensive.. -.-''

and the food is getting smaller and smaller..

price is getting high and higher..

service is not bad..
people there quite friendly also..
they already know what we going to order for food and drink..

YES~! tomorrow morning class is cancel..
and most of us decided to cancel the afternoon class by ourself too~! 
omg~! i skip class again~!!!
hurmm.. gonna change my bad habit~! 

yea.. that's all for today~!
good night and sweet dream everyone.. 

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