Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HOT weather

as usual..
wednesday no class..
stay at home..
watching tv

today is a lazy day for me..
wake up around 11am..
then find some food to eat..
after that started to sit in front of lappie..
watching drama and online..
but today weather is really hot~!
i sit under the fan but still sweat like hell..
when look outside to the balcony
will feel the sun is killing me..
what to do during this hot time??
ice cream please..
ice water..
is really cooling after you eat or drink it..

i thought that today will be going to nine emperor festival..
no~! not going on today..
because we already go there last night..
having fun there..
walking around and chit chatting..

for those who haven't go for this festival
you can go and have a look..
but need to get ready with the hot weather and a lot of people..
need to aware those thief who will take your wallet and phone..
and drink more water..
because is really hot~!!

i so lazy to go for tomorrow classes..
which is financial and french class..
both of this class is too dry..
especially financial..
i don't know how i gonna face the lecturer tomorrow.. -.-''

don't know when my mum will come back~
miss her a lot..

that's all for today ya..
see you guys soon..
* remember to drink more water for the super hot weather ya~ =)

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