Monday, October 11, 2010

sunny monday~

evening people~!!
as i said..
today morning class cancel and we cancelled the afternoon class by ourself..
today i stay at home 
and keep cleaning my room.. *Weeeee
my room look more clean than before.. 
is time to start to save some money.. 
i don't want to go internship with empty pocket.. lol~
i wanna try my best to save money..
wish me luck everyone~ 
money come money come..

hurmm.. today evening went to mamak with huikuan..
what to do over there?
for girls..
sure is gossip-ing and chit chatting.. lol
we didn't meet each other for about two week..
hurmm.. she say this wednesday we might go to nine emperor god festival..
for sure i wanna join~~
cause i didn't go this festival for quite a time.. 
waiting the day come.. 
hopefully no cancel.. 
not only that..
she say this sunday we might go to sepang gold coast..
but not yet confirmed..
is okay..
can go i will be happy 
cause i wanted to go there for a long time.. 
but no one can fetch and wanna go..
this time..
huikuan and her bf maybe will bring us go~

ermmm.. tomorrow is french class again.. 
brain cell and brain juice going to died again..
don't know why..
french class just too stress for me..
lecturer love to call the one she know and remember.. 
especially yin~ 
not only that..
assignment and presentation all is coming..
i don't know why..
since semester 1 until now..
i always do the last minute work..
i wanna change my attitude and habit~!
it doesn't work.. =(

blue blue sky~
took it when i yamcha with huikuan.. 

see.. how sunny is it..

ending the post with my picture.. 

hope everyone won't boring with my blog..

nowadays weather is not stable.. 
please do take care of yourself~
drink more water ya.. 
don't get sick~!!

bye and thanks for reading my blog.. =)

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