Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd meeting~!!


yesterday having meeting at seri kembangan AGAIN!!
but thie time even more worst that the last time..
because only 4 people who attend the meeting~
which is me, bear bear, mr.V and mr.K..

i wake up in the early morning~
get ready to the train station and took my train to masjid jamek
change to putra go to kelana jaya all the way to go the meeting..
you all will be curious that why am i go to kelana jaya instead of my meeting at seri kembangan~
i going there because that bear bear's dad will pick me up over there
sent us to seri kembangan~
they say that the meeting will be start on 11am..
me and bear bear arrive there around1030am
so we decide to have our breakfast at old town again.. LOL

while we eating i receive mr.K call say that they already arrive..
we ask them to find us at old town..
but when they come i was so surprise because only both of them~
i ask them where is others??
they answered..
no one is coming..
wtf~! then what for i went there??
my class got 20+ people..
but the one who went for meeting only 4 people...!!

where is others??
we went there without any proposal~!
the proposal with the secretary!
even the manger his self also not coming for the meeting
really pissed off and angry
we call everyone then they give tons of reason~!!!
is it call a team??
we need teamwork to done the show...
without teamwork this show not going to success~
we already try our best to done our part..
i been rush the ticket to finish it before i went for meeting
this is what i get~
which is meeting cancel~!!!
because we don't have proposal..
the next meeting i don't want to go~!!
manager is suck!!
we ask why manager not coming for the event??
you know what is the reason??
reason is : he is puasa-ing~!!!!!!
if this is the team~
the whole event we can only say BYEBYE~!
everything will be gone~!!!!!!!!

btw.. i need to thanks to bear bear's dad..
who fetch me from the train station~!
thankyou uncle~

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