Thursday, August 26, 2010

3rd present~ ♥


today financial management class really bored~
make me feel very sleepy..
the sir keep on talking non stop~!!
and i found out that he is quite LC~
today yin 1st time going for the financial management class
the lecturer say that if her attitude keep on like this
he will transfer her to another lecturer to teach her..
is not a big matter if we didn't concentrate sometime
because your class is boring~
i know not concentrate in class is not good..
we didn't did it every time..
new lecturer is like that~ LOL
p/s : is just my opinion~

i don't like financial class but i do like french class..
can learn different language..
but before my french class..
i receive a present from bear bear and her dear~
is a t-shirt~
quite nice.. i like it~!

thankQieww bear bear and s.lim~~
waiting for our saturday outing..
hope that everything will be fine..

oh yea~!
here is the picture of the t-shirt~

thanks~ love u guys lot~ ^^

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