Friday, August 13, 2010


this meeting on wednesday~
is a late post~ LOL
on that day i need to wake up in the EARLY MORNING
to get ready to de station waiting for xx's dad~
fetch us to seri kembangan..
we arrive there before 10am..
the msg that we received on facebook state that we need to be there on 10am!!
but most of them came around 11 something!!
what the heck!!!
late for ONE hour!!~

but luckily we plan to take breakfast at old town..
i think we're 2nd customer of the day.. LOL
how early was that!!~
after finish our breakfast they only arrive.. -.-''
the breakfast there not that bad..
the tea is kinda weird~ LOL..

back to the topic!!~
the meeting is kinda no point..
cause the ppl say that our proposal
not what he want~~
need to re-DO!!!
i don't know what the point i went there?!
just to show our face
and sit there listening to what they talking!!~
wasting my time and money!!
thanks to xx and xx's dad that fetch us to the place~

another thing is~~~
my holiday is going to END soon~ =(
from one month become one week!!!!!!
cheated by our LECTURER..
she told us that we having one month holiday...........
when we received our timetable
is like ONE WEEK..
one week and one month~
is a supa dupa big different!!!!!!!! =(

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