Monday, August 16, 2010

shabu ONE~ ♥

*weeee~ today is my 1st class of semester 6~


wake up in the early morning to get ready to college..
the lecturer kinda suck~! lol..
the timetable state that the class will be start at 8.45am..
i reach college around 9.00am ++..
but yet..
the lecturer is late than me~ -.-''
after few minute..
our manager told us that the class going start at 10am!!!!!
our gang was like~ =.=''
what the hell~!
should inform early if class gonna delay!
so that we can re-arrange back our time~!
not wasting our time by waiting the class to start!!

back to the topic..
shabu ONE~
after my morning class~ i skipped the afternoon class
went to shabu one with my friends..
nyamuk and rae~
enjoy alot with them..
crazing our there~
we even can play with the vegetable.. lol
the one who start 1st is NYAMUK~
we spend almost 3 hours over there by
*chit-chatting, taking photo, eating and laughing~
nyamuk keep on complaint that her camera gonna full of my picture~

after finish our meal
we decided went to pavilion to take picture~
just take few picture over there
because of rae is rushing back home
nothing special to take over there~

but anyway~~
i ENJOY a lot today~
waiting for the next outing with them~

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