Sunday, August 29, 2010


this is the 2nd day on 28.08.2010 that i going to celebrate my birthday with my classmates..
which is bearbear and her dear, wenny, and WC~

they planned to sing k on that day~
so i book the room..
we booked 11am~
so have to wake up in the early morning and get ready..
around 11am i already arrive there~
the staff say we can sing until 2pm..
i call them and tell them the room number...

around 1.30pm~
is time to cut my cake~ weee*
after that continue sing-ing..
sing sing for 3 hours~
we thought that 2pm they will come and ask us to check bill~
but no~!!
they say can let us sing until 3pm~
so gooooood~!
after heard that we continue sing, sing and sing~
nothing much can say..
have a look with my picture~!

my bearbear~

been bully by both of them~

me and bearbear's bf~

me and WC~

me and bearbear~

=( for those who know what happen to my phone will understand this picture~ lol

me and wenny~

kena wrap to be present~ hahahaha

cake cutting~~

this is how my cake look like~

make a wish~ make a wish~~

thank you~

thanks for celebrate with me~
thanks for the present~
thanks for the cake~

i love you all~ muackx~~

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