Sunday, August 29, 2010

happy birthday~ ♥


is time to update my blog..
last 2 days is my birthday~
so happy birthday to me..
on that day morning hang out with my beloved nyamuk and rae~
we go to pavilion to have our brunch and dessert..
enjoy outing with them~
we took a lot of picture..
but most of it is non-living item~~
firstly, we went to little ben cafe..
the food is okay~ not that bad..

the menu of little ben cafe~

our food~

the most important is the price is not expensive~
due to 3 of us is student, we got limit to spend~
after brunch we went to shopping awhile
then snowflakes~~~~
i wish to eat that for quite a long time..
so rae bring us there..
and the dessert for me is so so~
i not really like it..
quite weird~ lol
p/s: it just my opinion..
this is the picture of our dessert~

hanging at pavilion for few hours
then is time to go home~
guess what~
we're not taking public transport go home..
nyamuk's mum fetch us home..
thankQieww aunty and nyamuk~
i enjoy a lot that day~

at night~~~~~
going out to celebrate with my friends..
with huimin, huikuan and her bf, and also carmen~
they planning to go star village that located at OUG..
we go there and find the cafe..
but don't know where is it~
we round for 3 times..
still didn't get the place~
ouhhh~ so they change plan to go serdang gasoline..
that located at the heritage~
the place is quite nice and cold..
before that, eason call me and asked where are us~
he might coming to join us~~
then i tell him that we going to celebrate at the heritage gasoline~~
and he say okay~


he is quite late~
because of he just finished work and having his dinner 1st~
he say he don't even have time to change his clothes~
so he wear his formal working clothes~
but really touched that he come to celebrate with us..
i thought that he is not coming~
i'm really happy that night..
after cutting and eating cake~
is time to go home~!!
at first we planning to take huikuan car go home~
but eason say he is not going back sg long yet..
he wanted to go ampang to meet his friends~
and ask us to accompany him..
eason fetch us back home~
from the heritage to my house
it just took 20-23 minutes~
awww.. imagine how fast he drove..

the supa dupa lovely couple~

huikuan and carmen~

me and huimin~

me and eason~

my birthday cake~

i wanted to say THANK YOU to

everyone that wish me
huikuan and her bf
thanks for the present that you all gave me~

i love you all~ muackx~~

to be continue~

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