Wednesday, August 25, 2010



today is wednesday..
which means a HOLIDAY for me~
because no classes..
can online, watching tv, sleep at home~
my life is kinda boring..
but i love to stay at home~
don't know why~
maybe is no money to go out~

today is a supa dupa SUNNY day~
the weather is killing me~!!
although i sit beside the fan i still sweating~ =.=''
imagine how SUNNY is that..
how come the weather so hot~!!!
can i hide inside my fringe~ LOL
malaysia is a country which one year 365 days also summer~!!!

by the way~
today mum bring me to buy shoes..
she say i should wear some high heels..
due to i'm too short..
she say she willing to pay if i buy high heel..
if i buy sport shoes or slipper
pay it by myself.. -.-''

tomorrow morning class was quite boring..
because i don't like calculation~!!
i hate mathematic~!!
OMG~ tomorrow gonna be a sleepy morning class~!
someone help me..........
that's all for today~

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