Monday, August 23, 2010

2nd present~ ♥

waka waka eh eh~

is time to update my blog~!!

evening everyone.. today is MONDAY..
i think a lot of people will having a monday blue in the morning
today having morning class~
but luckily not 845am class.. is 10am class~
which means i got more time to sleep..
i thought that my dad will sent me to train station~
at last..
i need to go train station by myself which is take taxi alone~
since i take taxi to train station
it cause me late for the class..
but never mind~ because the lecturer was late~
lucky me~~ xD

today i take my pendrive to nyamuk
because i want the picture that we took last time~ teeehee*
when i go and find them..
i got a surprise~!!!!
*weeee~ which is my 2nd birthday present for them~ =)
is a card~ i think is designed by nyamuk
writing by rae, ZJ and nyamuk too~
love the card a lot~
the cute is so so so cute..
by the way~ not only card i receive~
i still got a SWEET KISS by esther~
thanks esther for the sweet kiss~ *shy*

here is the picture of my birthday card~!!

is it cute??
for me : YES~! i like it..

designed by : nyamuk
speech written by : nyamuk , rae , ZJ

thanks a lot girl~
i love you all~


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