Thursday, September 30, 2010

financial VS french

what a headache day~ !
today having morning class..
and raining in the morning.. -,-''
it make me feel lazy to go class..
i want to continue my dreaming.. lol
i'm a super lazy girl~! lol
but i admit it i'm lazy..
i think the one who know me well they will know..
but at last i'm going for my classes.. 

due to raining.. 
i'm late to financial class as usual..
lecturer said : -,-'' i already postpone the class from 8.45am to 9.00am but still got student is late..
i used to late his class.. 
because of his class is too boring 
he don't even let people talk in the class..
so during his class what can we do??
is keep on drawing rubbish and day dreaming.. hahaha
or else we can use phone to online.. xD
i know i'm a bad student..
i found out something~!
which is~
lecturer will used to talk with one of the girl.. xD
don't mention it who is she.. 
let you all guess..

let you guys see.. 
what am us doing his class going on.. 
i keep on take picture..
wenny and xx is conteng-ing the notes and table
bearbear is day-draming.. lol~!!!!!
if she saw it she will box me.. xDD
let me show you all some picture.. 

the pencil that wenny, xx, and bearbear use..
they are using the same one..
this is what called " TEAMWORK
not only this.. 
i think got few of them is using the same phone..
same model, same colour.. 
but i didn't take picture.. 

wenny hand.. this is her french name.. amelie~

nougat that wenny bring it for us.. xD
i get two.. because i take her one~ 
yummy~! i love it~
i'm so bad.. 
but i just share one of it to my uncle.. =)
i'm a good girl too~! lol

this one is during french class~!
she drew her hand.. 
with her boyfriend name.
so lovely.. xD

after financial class.. 
we head to aunty's there to have our brunch~!
actually planing to go McD..
but need to wait so long.. 
so cancelled..

finish our brunch then go back to classroom and study french~!
today we having french test~!!!
OMG~ is so hard!!
ms say even we forgot a question mark there will be zero mark.. 
means no mark at all..
everytime having french class is so stress~!
scared of ms.. 
and she likes to call people sitting mix up..
not like a group group like that~
is hard to sit with the one that you're not really close with..
you can't talk to each other or communicate to each others..
we prefer to sit with the one we know well and can communicate well..

oh yea~!
that's all for today..
thanks for wasting time to read my blog..

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