Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy mooncake festival~

sorry for the late post...
it should be yesterday post but..
i don't know what happen to my internet.,
everything is so slow..
even facebook so of the game can't even load in..

happy belated mooncake festival to all of you..
have a happiness night with your family and friends..
yesterday for me is nothing special..
just like a normal day~
online, watching drama, sleeping and
eat mooncake.. 
this year mooncake festival kinda like quite..
didn't saw anyone lighting up the  lantern..
guess what?
yesterday i don't have class~!
i rest and spend my whole day at home..

and here..
some of the mooncake picture for you guys..

regular mooncake.. nothing special.. LOL

this mooncake is made by jelly.. chocolate flavor~!
is so nice.. 
once again 
happy belated mooncake festival..

__________________________________________________________ SKIP

today not only going to post about mooncake festival..
another post is 
tuesday night yam cha..
this few days keep on going out..
go for xiaoxiu wedding day, wedding dinner, yam cha

tuesday night go yam cha with xiaoxiu and her husband, sweety penny, chloby, mr heng daii a.k.a louis and of course me..
the car is totally full..
because all of us too big~
hahahahhaha.. joking~
we enjoy a lot that night..
didn't manage to take picture..
just got some only
because not so in the mood..
that night is mrJerry a.k.a xiaoxiu husband treat us..
awww... he is so nice~! hahahahaha
a big thank you to him.. 
for sending us to yam cha and treat us too.. 

hurmmm.. nothing much to tell you guys already..
just view some picture.. ^^

hahahahahha.. this is the KID MEAL for xiaoxiu~
she say her baby wanna eat it.. 
so order it for her baby.. ^^
good mummy..

this is mr.hengdaii a.k.a louis
hahahahhaha.. see what he did to the smiley fries..
he use his chopsticks and " chap " the smiley face eyes..
poor the fries.. hahahhahahaXD

that's all for today..
will update more ya..
stay tuned~

thanks for reading my blog.. 

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