Tuesday, September 28, 2010

outing shinteng and shanny..

yo~! is time to update update.. 
after a long holiday..
everyone is lazy to go for classes..
include me.. lol
monday morning class is really boring!
sleepy all the time..
this monday i having 3 classes..
is so tiring.. 
3 classes.. one is having presentation and another one having french oral test..
presentation is suck.. 
i don't even know what am i presenting..
i think i don't get high marks.. =(
i will do my best next time.. lol~!
the oral part is okok.. 
not that bad and not that good.. 
is not a good think if the lecturer remember your name..
because the lecturer will call you more often..

after all the classes..
not going home.. 
straight away go and find my dear shinteng and babee shanny~
babee shanny is back from singapore~!
she came back for a holiday..
finally this time we mange to meet each others..
last few times she came back but we couldn't make it to meet each others..
because of the timing~ lol
after class take lrt to times square~
because she's there.. 
then go back to her house to wait shinteng~
finally shinteng is here!!~
her scary bii along.. -.-''
i don't know why.. i scare of her bf.. 
after knowing each other.. 
now i don't scare anymore~~ xD
claps claps*

is raining when we planning to go yamcha..
we just go iceroom beacause..
near shanny house~! xD
chit-chatting and camwhored.. 
picture is not with me~~ 
so you guys don't have picture to view..

oh yea.. i went yamcha with them with my formal look.. -.-''
i'm the only one wear so formal to yamcha.. 

anyway~ i love you girlsssss.. 

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