Wednesday, September 15, 2010

outing with ji muii~

today is sunny day~
OMG.. which means i going to melt.. 
due to the big sun~
i don't wanna go out at this time..
sitting under the fan
but still can sweat like hell~
can you imagine how hot is that?!

last night couldn't sleep well
and need to wake up in the early morning..
mum wake me up and tell me that i need to go to bank to do something
and is URGENT
so i need jump out from my lovely bed 
and get ready to go there.. 
finally reach there~
dad fetch me to the bank and say 
since my dad say so..
after done all my "work"
take taxi and back home.. 


back to the topic~!

outing with ji muii..
is not today but yesterday night..
while waiting the "driver"
what to do??
this is the thing that i can do when i waiting for her..
snap snap snap my ugly face..
after that she sms me say : eone.. i reached your home.. 
oh yea!
finally she arrived.. 
after fetch me and huimin.. 
going to fetch others ji muii also..
big claps for the driver a.k.a yaneki~!

hurmm.. now everyone is in the car..
decided where to yam cha and chit chatting~
the places should be located at pandan indah..
because is near and more choice over there..
guess what is our choice?
"tsim tung"
but i don't feel like going there..
because last time after went there with my friends 
the next day i got food poisoning~!
but yet.. we still go there..
not in the mood to take picture last night..
cause everyone is busy talking about the wedding dinner of my friends..
chit chatting over there for few hours 
last we get all the decision~
so is time to go home..
before went to take the car..
someone call us 
guess what?!
we saw our primary school friends is yam cha over there too~
since we saw friends there..
chat awhile~
but one of our ji muii is rushing back home..
cause her family keep on calling her~
she was rushing so we all decide to back home.. 
driver a.k.a yaneki sent everyone back to their home sweet home.. 
thank you her for being driver yesterday~ =)

and yeah~!
that's all for today.. ^^

i will end my post with my funny picture~~
btw.. nowadays weather is so hot..
drink more water and take care~


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