Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wedding dinner a.k.a yam cha

hellow people..
is a late post of xiao xiu wedding dinner..
her wedding dinner on monday night~
venue at serdang..
the place quite nice.. 
everyone enjoy the dinner i think?
thanks for the heng daii fetch us go and back..
thankQ very muchie..

that day after class then back home.. 
online awhile and sleep awhile..
hahahaha.. cause wake up in the early morning for classes..
after that get ready and wait for yaneki come and fetch us to her home
then walk to pizza hut together..
we're so good~ walk together with her.. LOL
but we were late..
xiao ping call us and say everyone was there where is us..
sorry for the late because yaneki busy.. hahahaha
luckily when i, huimin and yaneki arrive there, the heng daii haven't come yet~
so we're not consider so late~ xP

after arrive there..
sitting awhile and camwhored..
waiting everyone coming..
then start to eat..
the food is quite nice..
but our table all is ji muii means all girls..
so we ate not that much..
kinda wasted..
me. huimin, yaneki is so clever~!
LOL.. we saw the heng daii coming to ask us drink..
we ciao away~ hahahahaa..
lastly we didn't drunk..
but some ji muii really drunk..
until they don't know who send them back.. lol
they really drink a lot..
can't use how many glass to describe
how many bottle~!

so now..
is time to enjoy the picture.. 
hahahhaha.. some picture that took during wedding dinner and wedding day..

kellyQiqi and yaneki

me and huimin

yaneki and xiaoxiu a.k.a bride

me and chloe

me and sharry

me and xiaoxiu a.k.a bride

sweety penny and xiaoxiu

our gang~

girls and two hengdaii

the ji muii gang..

me and xiaoxiu~ this picture i just got it from the net..

all the ji muii in white~ 

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