Sunday, September 19, 2010

siew's wedding~

evening people~!
is time to update update my blog..
today i going to post about my best friend wedding..
which is xiao xiu~ 
yesterday was her wedding day..
some of us being ji muii.. 
the ji muii not only pandan mewah gang..
she also called some of her old friends and bestie to be her ji muii~
pandan mewah gang :
- me
- huimin
- sook sin
- pei ying
- elaine
- emily a.k.a xiao ping
- yaneki 
- yvonne

bride bestie and old friends :
- sharry
- rico
- chloe 
- penny
- chloby a.k.a yan

and some of it is her relative.. 

be ji muii is fun~
but yesterday we reach xiu house early in the morning..
which is 6am~!!!!!
omg!! i need to wake up at 4.15am 
to get ready..
is really tired due to the last night didn't sleep well 
and i went for the party~
so most of the ji muii will look like a panda.. 
wait there and doing nothing..
take some picture with the ji muii..
chit chatting while waiting the heng dai come..
but the heng dai doesn't look so good~
because some of it even wear slipper......
have u seen it??
people wear slipper to be heng dai..
they didn't give any cooperation to us..
don't listen what we talking..
the most important is~~~~~
they late for ONE HOURS~!!!!!!!
really angry about this..

anyway let's enjoy the picture~~
our camwhore picture and the sweetest husband and wife.. 

picture time~!!

me and huimin

me and  pei ying

me and penny

me and sook sin

me and yaneki

me and elaine

me and emily a.k.a xiao ping

me and yvonne

me and chloby

me annd kelly qiqi

our hand~ =)

some of the ji muii~ 

some of the ji muii..

the  sweetest~ husband and wife~ 

once again.. CONGRATULATION to them..
live with sweet and happiness.. 

big girl and big boy already..
no matter what will happen hold each other hand walk until the end~

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