Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bye necklace..

sad post~!
both of my necklace DIED..
*cry cry cry*

the 1st necklace was dead one day before my friends wedding..
that one is from my cousin~
she bought me as souvenir when she went to Laos.. 
another one is from my mum friends..
she gave it to me because she say that the necklace to small..
she can't wear it..


both of it leave me.!!!~
the one that mummy friend gave me..
is DEAD on today morning while i'm having my breakfast..
my mum was like.. 
showing me this face ... ----->  =,=''
how can my daughter so rough..
both necklace DIED on my hand.. 
i kill them..

i'm so sorry~
*sob sob*

come come.. 
i show you guys the picture.. 

bye bye necklace..
rest in peace.. lol~!

that's all for today~!

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