Saturday, September 25, 2010


hellow everyone..
update update update.. 
did anyone miss me?? 

today is saturday..
i think everyone will be busy to go out for shopping and movies..
except me..
saturday and sunday sometimes i prefer to stay at home
because can save money and rest~
yesterday i went out with my dear~~~ 
p/s : my dear is girl.. we call each other dear cause it sound more close.. lol
hmm.. didn't meet her for 3 months..
miss her a lot..
she stay at her bf's home..
so is kinda far away from my house..
that's why hard to meet each others sometimes..
didn't meet her for quite a time
she change a lot..
the last time we meet i think is we went for movie 
then she like missing in action..
last night finally we meet..
she called me to go yam cha and pasar malam..
how sweet of her.. =)
firstly we plan to go pandan jaya ice room~
but since is friday
so we went to pasar malam..
just walk awhile 
then sit down and enjoy our snow ice..
didn't manage to take picture..
because we're busy chit chatting.. XD
after finish the snow ice..
went to pasar malam again..
but just walk awhile due to raining.. =(

after that..
get into car and plan where to go again..
black and white cafe..
there change a lot.. 
even the furniture is different from before~
is much more comfortable and nice..
chit chatting over there for 4 hours ++ 
then mummy keep calling ask for her popiah
which means is time to go home..
reach home around 12am..
mummy didn't scold me.. xD


yeah~! i enjoy our 38 chit chatting a lot..
dear.. good luck for your new job~!
i know you can do it~!!
take care and miss you~
waiting for our next outing ya..

sorry.. no picture.. the picture that we took inside car is with dear shinteng..
so.. that's all for today~
is time to do my " beloved slide show " LOL
i hate presentation!!!!!!


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