Thursday, September 9, 2010

outing with girls~ ♥

hellow people~! 

is a late post..
yesterday outing with huimin,sooksin and sis,peiying and fangfang..
actually we decide to take train to there together~


huimin's mum say fetch me and huimin to TS..
at last~ me and huimin going there by her mum fetching
sooksin, peiying went there with train..
after arrived me and huimin walking around at Sgwang 1st..
i wanna buy the hair dyeing~
so i try the product that crystal used..
ash brown color~!

after that..
we decide to go TS to buy our dress
the dress should be in any light color..
because the themes is light color series dress..
so i bought silver grey color.. consider as light also~ LOL
i don't want those pink color dress~
because it look weird.. 

after shopping around
everyone is hungry
is time to have our brunch~!
1st we went to gasoline at TS..
we order everything and wait for ALMOST ONE HOURS~!!!
and we ask the waiter where is our beverage and food??
they answered : huh?! wait.. i go check~
go check but never come back to us!!
fine.. we call again and tell them.. if still don't have anything then just cancel all the thing!!
waiter say : your order bill is lost.. so you all can LEAVE!!
WTF~! is it this way they service customer?!
bad service!!!!!!

lastly we get out from the gasoline and went to old town..
ordered tuna french toast..
but i get french toast!!!
my tuna is lost~!
what happen to me?!
is not the 1st time i order this and i get that..!!! 
*not only at oldtown but at other different place
after finish our brunch~
CONTINUE to shop around..
almost 7++pm take train and back home..
but anyway thanks for all my friends that coming today..

i do enjoy alot yesterday.. 
waiting for the next outing with you girls~!
love you all.. 

that's all for my outing day..


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