Sunday, September 5, 2010



sunday sunday sunday~!!
which means no more holiday..
tomorrow need to go classes..
going to class already a sad case some more got replacement for french class~!!!!
OMG.. i don't even start the revision yet..
and face the lecturer so long will make me die~!!
tomorrow morning until afternoon also got class..
then still need to add french class~
i wanna go home early~!
i don't want to be sardine in the train!!!!!
can i skip the class?? *will think about it*
*such a bad student*
some of them already start their holiday since saturday~
but my "beloved" college say that holiday will start on thursday..
sad case~!!!
i want holiday~!!
my friend got 2 weeks for their raya holiday..
but mine only got 1 week plus..


back to the topic~!

i'm so so so so so hungry right now..
but i don't know what to eat..
mum didn't cook today~
i don't feel like eating maggi..
my home got no food~!
*no biscuit
*no cake
*no apple
everything also NO~!
i want eat apple~ oranges~ mango~
i love them..
i miss the aunty mee that opposite my college~
so YUMMY~!
and bubble tea~
i'm so addicted to them.........
OMG~ my stomach keep on singing~
grrr.. grrrr.. grrr..
food~ food ~ food~
anyone delivery for me?? LOL

**btw.. today is 5th september~
which is my a yeh a.k.a guai wuu ikan birthday~!
so HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaa~ guai wuu..
may all your dream come true..

that's all for today~
thanks for reading..

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